Richard Gold Paintings


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* I have a lot of respect for Richard Moll’s opinions. I’m glad he liked “Pimlico, August” and “The Wall, Cumbria” (see Works). They are both favourites of mine. In fact, at that stage in my life, I thought that “The Wall, Cumbria” was the very best piece I had ever done. I still think it is one of the best. I was also prepared to listen to his criticism of “Coursing” and “Madain Salih”. He usually has good insights.

However, I was surprised that he completely missed what was really happening with the time frame for completion of the works. For the record, all these paintings were started and finished at one time. None were revisited and reworked over a period of years… none. I have done that only once so far– a painting titled “Susanna and Katie”. It is a portrait of my dog and my daughter started when she was two years old. I had a lot of difficulty with the piece and finally finished it when she was 28. But that is a rarity. Normally, when I have finished a painting, it’s done. It is a child that has left home. It has to stand on its own after that– no revisions.

October 7, 2014